Hi, I'm your PowerMessage App

Your new experience in borderless story telling

The art of connecting people and perspectives. Communication across borders of regions, experiences and interests!

PowerMessage ease the way to ease visual communication, lowering the tresholds to reach out and collect feedbacks from your community.

For maximum impact I can be customized with your "look and feel" and the nature and number of building blocks, questions fitting your needs.

Easy and to the point

Supports building your storyline


Easy recording in blocks

Authentic feedback from your stakeholders.



As simple as possible!


I instruct the user with some recording tips. The story line is divided in predefined building blocks. The recording itself is done in small steps and can be done in selfie and camera mode. The recordings will be stitched and an opening and closing screen will be automatically added. So no editing skills required! The recorded PowerMessage will be stored in your camararoll on your smartphone. Sharing can be done automatically or by choosing one of the social media options. The length of the recording is limited so the PowerMessages will be short and effective!



Predefine your questions / issues en ofcourse the number of questions you want to be asked by me. I can transform mezelf into your app with your “look and feel”. Your stakeholders / users will receive from you a “dynamic link”. And I will transform myself with your “look and feel”. You can determine the length and the number of the storyline building blocks. The recorded PowerMessage will be stored at the camera roll of the user smartphone and can be send to you (after given permission) automatically. In your own database you can retrieve the recorded data.


Authentic feedback!


Multianationals can use me to share stories between the workers of the different locations. By the way I am multi language so I can communicate in the language of the user. 


I can facilitate collecting client needs in health organisations.


I can close the communication gap between government administrators and the citizens 

The impact of visual feedback is fare more effective.

A picture can tell more than a thousands words!